The Perfect Small Studio to Make Big Sounding Records

“James has a way of somehow going inside your head and effortlessly dragging your music out sounding like you only dreamed it might…he combines talent, creativity, extreme flexibility and is a consummate professional. I have never felt more supported or safe in a recording session. First in class.”  Ben Wigler (Arizona, New Beard, Sincere Gifts)

Soho Recording focuses on quality over quantity.  Every high end microphone, instrument, amplifier or piece of outboard gear is carefully selected and maintained, so you’ll have everything you need to make a great sounding song in any genre.  With enough room to track a large live band and a meticulously treated control room, Soho Recording can be home for every step of your next musical project, from pre-production through mastering.  Contact us for your next album, single, demo or audition recording.

  • Rock/Metal
  • Jazz/Latin, 
  • Electronic/Pop,
  • Rap/Hip Hop
  • Vocal and A Cappella (link) 
  • Classical/ Avant-garde
  • Choral and Chamber
  • Acoustic Folk
  • World


Capturing the sounds in your head

Good Mics 1_retouched

From basic tracks to overdubs, drums to vocals, we have the room, the gear and the knowledge to ensure you capture the sounds you want right from the source.  James is a veteran of the NYC underground music scene, recording varied acts like Gato Loco, New Beard, and Matt White (Realizer, Dead Seconds, Grandpa Jack). He has a special affinity for progressive rock and metal, but feels equally at home recording chamber music or pop vocals.

Whether you work with us or rent the space and engineer the session yourself, you’ll have access to our arsenal of microphones (Neumann, Peluso, Shure, Sennheiser, BLUE, AKG, Audix, Earthworks etc.) and outboard gear (Universal Audio, BAE, Great River, Grace, dbx etc.) covering a wide sonic pallette, a DW custom drumset, and various guitars/basses and other instruments on request. 

Feel free to supplement our collection with your own gear (there’s an elevator for easy load in/load out).  

The quiet, multi-surface live room sounds great for drums, and can be easily converted to a smaller booth for a tighter and more intimate sound (for vocals, acoustic overdubs, etc.).  Easily moveable custom gobos make isolating instruments simple. Or, you can go direct with our various high end DI and re-amping tools (Summit, Radial/Jensen, Avalon etc.). You’ll never have to worry about getting a proper monitor balance, because you can dial it in yourself using our Hearback PRO setup.

Back in the Control room, the recorded signal is passed through Apogee A/D conversion and MOTU interfaces and fed to our computers, which are equipped with a variety of trusted DAWs (Digital Performer, Logic, Pro Tools) and 3rd party plug-ins (Universal Audio, Lexicon, Waves, Antares, Izotope etc.).  The Quested monitoring is astonishingly accurate, so you can trust the tones you’re dialing in.


Attention to detail to serve the big picture

Our carefully treated control room is equipped with a pair of Quested VH3208, some of the best sounding speakers in NYC!  Rent out the room or work with one of our mixing engineers, who have decades of experience working in a wide variety of styles.  From spacious and dynamic, to punchy and aggressive, we can help you achieve sounds you’ve only dreamed of.

Sit in on an attended session in our comfortable control room or send along the files and work with us remotely.  Either way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to offer feedback and ensure the mix ends up the way you want it. We’ll always offer suggestions and honest impressions, but ultimately want the music to sound like you envisioned it.

In addition to a host of excellent plugins (Waves, Lexicon, Universal Audio etc.) and outboard compressors (dbx, UA ), we have a variety of editing tools to make sure your performances sound top notch (Auto Tune, Izotope, Waves etc.)

We have re-amping tools as well, including our Rivera KR, in case you need to breathe some additional life into your tracks.

If you’re on a tight budget and/or want to mix your project yourself, we’re happy to review your work with you and offer “mix consulting” services.  These can be attended or remote as well.

We also offer surround (5.1) mixing when needed!


Dynamic, Detailed, Practical

Nice Monitor_retouched

Mastering is far more than just the signal chain and each project requires a unique approach and focus.  We’re not simply applying limiter presets to crank up the volume of a mix and call it a day. When we master a project, we take the time to really listen to the mix, see where it succeeds and where it needs improvement, and work hard to make these improvements without causing damage to the mix.  And we’re not just just listening to the music; We’re listening to what our client wants from his/her master, the careful details and wishes of the mixing engineer, and also considering the final delivery format and the demands of the end listener.

We tend toward transparent and dynamic masters, but we aren’t dogmatic or precious if a track demands a more compressed sound (not every song calls for a pristine, audiophile treatment!).  Every mastering project is different, so contact us for a custom project quote. We offer options for attended sessions or remote mastering. We’ll always respond to feedback and leave room for revisions.


Greater than the sum of our gear…

While it’s easy to get lost in the technical side of making a great record: the mic placement, signal chain, editing precision, mixing plug-ins etc., a great recording starts with a great song, a great arrangement, and a great performance.  

The art of production focuses on achieving all of these things, and we’re happy to get involved early in the process to help shape “the big picture.”  James and his team are musicians first and foremost and will help with everything from artist development and pre-production, to arrangement and performance.  We have the experience, music theory background, and taste to help expand your songwriting.  

We also have a wide network of varied singers and instrumentalists (from drummers to tuba and koto players) to help augment your sonic palette.  Let us know what you have in mind for your next song.


  • Equipment/Instrument Rental
  • Analog to Digital Transfers and Cleanup (Preserving old recordings and important memories)
  • Performance/Session Musicians (We have a large network of singers/instrumentalists to play on your tracks)
  • Noise Reduction/Audio-Restoration
  • Technology Lessons and Home Studio Consulting [link to FireCat]
  • Mix Consultation (send your track for review, feedback etc.)
  • Pre-Production
  • Space rental for Video/Photo Shoots (For your online content, music videos etc.)
  • Gift Certificates
  • If You Don’t See it Here, Just Ask!


Need access to a great sounding recording and post-production studio at some of the most affordable rates in NY?  Inquire about our studio lock-outs (available on weekends and other “off-hours”). You can work with one of our experienced engineers or bring in your own creative team.  We’ll ensure that all the gear you need is on hand, wired up and ready to go and we’ll be on call if you need any support during the session. Flexible timing (work as long as you’d like!), and various pricing options exist depending on your needs, so get in touch now!


Your own private studio

Nice CR angle_retouched

Soho Recording is an intimate and quiet oasis in the middle of one of the most bustling and trendy Manhattan neighborhoods.  The studio is accessible by multiple major subway lines and just a few minutes ride from Brooklyn or Midtown. We know that comfort brings out the best performances, and Soho recording is set up to feel like you’re making music in your own living room.  We’re here to help you sound the best you can be make you feel at home in the process.

Listen back to your work through some of the best sounding monitoring in NYC.  Our acoustically tuned control room is equipped with Bryston amps, Quested monitors, and Dangerous routing/summing, so you’ll never have to second guess that what you’re hearing.

The modular live room allows for two basic configurations, depending on your needs.  Close the custom acoustic curtain for a tight and intimate sound, perfect for vocals, close mic’d overdubs, and any other source where you’re looking to limit the ambient reflections.  Or, part the curtain, open up the room, and breathe some more life into the sound: perfect for drums, full band recording, and times when you want to capture additional room reflections and ambience.  The room, part carpet, park exposed brick, and wood is fully treated with absorption, diffusion, and bass trapping from GIK acoustics.

We have a custom DW drumkit, a collection of fine cymbals, a ton of electric, acoustic and esoteric guitars and basses (available for use upon special request), a bounty of boutique effects pedals, a versatile Rivera amp and much more.  We have a full arsenal of microphones, from Neumann, AKG, Peluso, BLUE, Earthworks, Shure, Sennheiser and more, perfect for any source you can throw in front of it. The room is fully wired for Hearback PRO personal monitor mixers, so each musician can dial is his/her own perfect monitor mix.

Choose from a wide variety of mic pres and DIs, from the classic warm Neve-inspired Great River, to the punchy, API-styled BAE, to the tube beauty of Universal Audio, to the pristine and transparent Grace among many others for virtually any tone combo you can dream up.  Clocking and conversion is handled by Apogee and MOTU.  

When you’re taking a break, kick back in our CR “living room” recliners, binge on coffee, herbal teas and our favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s, order lunch from one of the area’s incredible restaurants or walk outside and immerse yourself in one of NYC’s most exciting neighborhoods.



We’ll bring the quality sound of Soho Recording right to you via our Mobile Recording rig.  Whether you’re looking to multi-track a live show, or simply record in your favorite sounding space, we can bring our collection of high end gear and production expertise to your door.